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The knowledge of science and technology is represented and transferred through words that have a specialized, precise and concise meaning. Having access to specialized knowledge allows an appropriate and accurate use of terminology. However, the process of becoming an expert in any speciality is very progressive and begins at a very early age of a person.

Working on language, together with scientific knowledge from the very beginning, is crucial for any future scientific profession, since there cannot exist any science without language, be it to denominate the science, to refer to it or to communicate it. The holistic knowledge reinforces the interdependence of words (language) and knowledge (science).

In the project Jugando a definir la ciencia (Playing to define the sciences) we assume that the basis of specialized knowledge begins to be acquired at a very early age of a person. Thus, even before starting to learn basic concepts at school, we already have some significant ideas that will influence the construction of scientific knowledge.

The object of our study are basic scientific words such as water, space, star, brain, ice, death, sun, heat, speed, air, life, etc. in the context of the first two years of compulsory primary school education in Spain, that is, pupils aged from six to eight.

At present, the project team is working in

  1. Translation to several languages of the First Illustrated Medical Dictionary

    cervell - Carmevacuna - Sergineurona
  2. The terminology of covid-19



This project has been developed as part of the projects:

Sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, the Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Girona and the Hospital del Mar - Parc de Salut Mar.


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